Chernabog is said by Philby to be the most powerful demon Walt Disney ever
created. He is a mixture of the Minotaur (From Greek Mythology) and the Mayan Bat God, Camazotz. (But in real life is based on Chernobog the Slavic god of the night.)

He is ruler of the Overtakers, and appeared in Kingdom Keepers II: Disney At Dawn. He is the demon in the last scene in Fantasia, Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria, with the ghosts on Halloween. He is the Disney Characters' worst enemy. In Disney in Shadow, Chernabog was transformed into a dragon by Maleficent, but disappeared shortly afterward. He was seen at Expedition Everest.

Chernabog then, shortly reappeared in book 5 Shell Game. He is also said to be in a sleeping state (called torpor) during books 3, 4, and most of 5.

In Shell Game, Chernabog is said to be in a cage backstage of the theater. To get on the ship, he was delivered by a plane on Castaway Cay.

In book 6 Dark Passage, Chernabog appears stronger than ever and never makes a real appearance in the book.

In the most recent book, The Insider, Chernabog is defeated by Finn, the Kingdom Keepers' leader, on the top of the Matterhorn at Disney Land.