The fairlies by ar nemo7-d3d06wy

Amanda & Jess

A Fairlie is a human with an unusual ability. They got their name for a joke of them being "Fairly Human." Amanda Lockhart and Jessica Lockhart are both Fairlies. Also in Shell Game, a new girl named Mattie Weaver  is known to be a Fairlie.

Fairlies' PowersEdit

Every Fairlie has a different power. Amanda can levitate almost anything, Jess can dream the future, as seen in Disney at Dawn, and Mattie has the ability to feel the emotions, thoughts, and memories of whoever she touches.

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Left to Right: Mattie, Jess, and Amanda.

Kingdom keepers fairlies the syndrome by princessofdisney27-d8etg0y

Left to Right: Jess, Amanda, and Mattie.