Large metal logs


Splash Mountain!!

Disney 1
Splash Mountain
is large log flume water ride found in the Disney theme parks. It first opened in the Magic Kingdom in 1992 and is based off of the 1946 movie, Song of the South. While Splash Mountain exists in both Disneyland Park and the Magic Kingdom, the one found in Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark is located in Walt Disney World.

In the NovelEdit

In Disney After Dark, Philby and Finn had to search the attraction for the element of 'wind' found in the Stonecutter's Quill. They snuck into the attraction after the park closed. Halfway through the ride however, the log cars began moving, leaving Finn and Philby the task of getting to end of the ride before the logs reached them. They end up not attempting to outrun the logs but rather attempting to not be sucked down the 50 foot climatic drop at the end of the ride by trying to get in a log. In the final room of Splash Mountain, with the aid of the 3D glasses, Finn saw the letters F, M, and E.