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Storey Ming is first introduced in Shell Game. She claims to be an agent for Wayne, and works alongside The Kingdom Keepers on the Disney Dream Shell Game and Dark Passage. In The Insider, Storey is revealed to have been possessed by Ursula, with no recollection of the events that occurred while under Ursula's control.

Storey is rumored to be named after Ridley Pearson's daughter.


Storey is Asian, and has soft, dark hair "like a china doll" that falls in twin sheets to her square shoulders, with bangs cut level at her eyebrows. She has very calloused and rough hands, because of her work with clay.

She is described as being college-age.


Storey is very intelligent, through her use of internal connections to gather information, with quick-thinking skills. She is not trusted by some of the Keepers and is suspected to be a spy for the Overtakers.


Finn WhitmanEdit

Storey and Finn have a somewhat romantic relationship. They first meet on the cruise ship, where Finn develops a crush on her. When a crew member walks in as Storey delivers secret Overtakers information, the two make out as an excuse to be in an off-limits room. Finn decides to trust her after that, sharing Keeper information with her throughout the book.

Storey later admits to Finn several things in one conversation, mostly by accident. Finn gathers them being that

  • She was assigned by Wayne and the Imagineers to protect The Kingdom Keepers. (Un-confirmed.)
  • She was only nice to Finn because she and the other crew members had to keep them safe. (Un-confirmed.)
  • The Imagineers may be looking for a new generation DHIs, although she swore it wasn't true.
  • She was trying to sound more important than she was so Finn would like her.

Dell PhilbyEdit

Storey isn't as close to Philby as she is with Finn, though it is revealed that Philby likes her.